Erosion Prevention Solutions Company | Ginalsah Miami

We are a team of professionals dedicated to efficiently solving ecological problems that affect our coasts and land.

Our Team

Ours is a team of professionals who come from different fields with a holistic approach to problems. We work in an environment that promotes creativity and respects experience and Nature. The team’s experience is evident in the work that our professionals have done over 25 years of labor. Our best cover letter is our long list of satisfied customers. Our mission responds to the demands of caring for the environment. This mission of environmental responsibility is increasingly important because of the growing problem of man-made abuses to our planet. Dealing with erosion, landslides, imbalances in ecosystems due to mining and oil operations are some of the challenges we have faced successfully. Such experience can not be improvised.

Our Products

We combine the highest quality raw materials with technologies that enable innovative and custom ecological solutions.

Delivery & Installation

We deliver our products to your location from our Warehouses in Miami, and offer installation & professional consulting services.


We export products to control oil spills & soil stabilization, as well as, industrial hammers & heavy machinery for construction of harbors and roads. For more information regarding on our line of products and services, feel free to fill out our Inquiries Form and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.